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Welcome to your new job as a deep space asteroid miner for Vesta Corporation.  Your ship is equipped with disruptor cannons, useful both for mining and self-defense.  Vesta space is well defined, but recently Ceres Corp has been sending ships to take it over.  Work with your wingmen to protect Vesta Corp’s territory and complete your assignments, and eventually lead the Vesta fleet against an enemy invasion.

Battle for Vesta is a first-person 3D space combat game for the iPhone and iPod touch.  It features simple and accurate touch based controls.  On-screen buttons activate disruptor cannons and thrusters.  Swiping turns your ship for navigation and aiming.  Three training missions teach you to operate the controls and read the radar and heads up display.

Fight your way through 20 missions, including mining, defensive, and offensive operations culminating in massive fleet on fleet battles where your efforts determine the outcome.

Battle for Vesta: 3D Space Combat iPhone Game

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